Tuesday, November 01, 2016


Shirley Ghostman's SPOOKTACULAR tour ended on Saturday 29th October 2016 in Manchester after 2 nights at the Gorton Monastery following a 5 night run at the Bush Hall in London (22-26 October 2016).

Shirley's Spirit academy flocked to see his brand new Spooktacular shows in London and Manchester - also Jack Whitehall, Richard Herring, Reece Shearsmith, Stephen Mulhern, Kevin Rowland and Echo and the Bunnymen.

More Shirley news soon....

Manchester Shirley Ghostman photos:

via @bunnymen: 

"Shirley Ghostman was out of this world tonight, please come to Liverpool soon Shirley, Cilia Black is waiting for you. 👻 Echo and the Bunnymen.

Mr Ghostman and his assistant Janet at the Gorton Monastery - by Pingli

Marc after the show with Debbie

 Claire and Emma meet Marc after the show

Debbie with Mr Ghostman during the Spooktacular interval

Mr Ghostman's Manchester venue - the Gorton Monastery

Photos by Debbie, Melanie, Emma and Claire

Shirley Ghostman in London at the Bush Hall: 

Mr Ghostman during the interval chatting with (Steve) the audience collecting his box of audience questions - via @backtoblack1984

Mr Ghostman's venue - The Bush Hall, Shepherd's Bush, London

Mr Ghostman with his box - via Tim aka @muddybloke

Thanks to Craig Parker for this brilliant photo taken with fellow Shirley audience member and fan Reece Shearsmith.

Shirley's audience via @Lilmissilex - Holly Fisher

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