Wednesday, December 16, 2015


"Wootton, harried and sweating, conveys with uncomfortable precision how Thomas manages to misjudge every single interaction by one small turn of the dial: there’s the voice too loud, the gesture over-emphatic. Clare Lizzimore’s production is unrelenting in its evisceration of this hapless individual and forces us to examine our own collusion in such a culture. We don’t think that Thomas’s ill-fitting jacket signifies anything profound. Do we?"  4**** 

Fiona Mountford  - Evening Standard 

"Clare Lizzimore's production stalks snappily through Bartlett's dialogue with the same gripping sharpness as his vivid parable of capitalist natural selection. This is a world with no flab of kindness. But, as Thomas, Marc Wootton – boiling with frustration and pain – shows us all of its misery when the knockout punch comes. Verdict - Returning with a new cast, Mike Bartlett's critique of the echoing moral emptiness of corporate culture is as sharp as ever." 4**** 

Tom Wicker - The Stage

"Clare Lizzimore’s stunningly nasty production of ‘Bull’ (recast for a return to the Young Vic) sets Mike Bartlett’s drama of workplace microaggressions in a wrestling ring: sparks fly...Thomas (Marc Wootton) is lumbering, less agile then his two bullying colleagues, who know just how to stir him up to the point of a bellowing rage." 4****

Alice Saville - Time Out 

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