Tuesday, October 20, 2015


A statement from Shirley Ghostman: 

"It is with regret that Shirley Ghostman has postponed his Spooktacular On Ice tour dates after sustaining an anterior groin strain during rehearsals. Britain's premier psychic superstar was attempting a quadruple monkey flip across the ice whilst channelling the spirit of Lady Di what died when the accident happened. Shirley denies unforeseen circumstances and says he did see it coming, he just couldn't tell anyone in case it created a time paradox. He would like to offer his sincere apologies to all his fans and looks forward to seeing them in the new year. Ticket holders are advised to hang onto their tickets and the rescheduled dates will be announced in due course."

photo courtesy of Steve Willcox - Shirley's warm up in Brighton at "Gittins To Know You"

 photo courstesy of Brian Gittins - Shirley on stage at "Gittins To Know You" in Brighton 15th October 2015