Monday, March 30, 2015


photo by @Alex_Macqueen

Tonight - BRAND NEW - Marc and Julia Davis in SLEEPY TIGERS 11pm BBC Radio 4:

 "Julia Davis and Marc Wootton star as a couple of maternity nurses who run their own business "Sleepy Tigers" in this dark comedy drama. As they move into the home of some very new parents (played by Alex Macqueen and Rosie Cavaliero) the nurses quickly start to take over and dish out the advice: "You are setting a pattern for baby's future the minute he comes out of the womb. Four days in and you could have a serial killer on your hands. Six weeks on and it's a lost cause, the personality is formed. But help is at hand!" A one off that has series written all over it, this is also created by Davis and Wootton and not to be missed." 
Preview a clip here:

In the meantime catch up with COUPLES from last week: COUPLES

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