Monday, February 25, 2013


WAY TO GO is available on DVD from today! 

l-r Blake Harrison, Way To Go creator/writer Bob Kushell, Ben Heathcote and Marc Wootton - photo courtesy of Bob Kushell.

Order your copy from the BBC shop HERE

or Amazon UK HERE 

“Absurd and very funny” The Daily Telegraph 

Product Descrption:

Written and created by Bob Kushell (The Simpsons, 3rd Rock from the Sun), and starring Blake Harrison (The Inbetweeners), Marc Wootton, Ben Heathcote, Laura Aikman and Sinéad Matthews. Scott’s life is in freefall: his girlfriend has just left him, he’s dropped out of studying medicine and he’s desperate for cash to help save his brother. Out of the blue his terminally ill neighbour comes to him for a favour – to help him commit suicide. Scott reluctantly agrees, and in the process, he and his two friends decide to set up their own illicit assisted-suicide business. The disillusioned vet’s receptionist, his dangerously deep-in-debt gambling brother and the fast food restaurant machine engineer might just be on to a winner with their new business. But do the hapless 20-something mates have the necessary acumen to manage a thriving dodgy concern when they are constantly distracted by their struggle with relationships, finance and life itself? Either way they’re going to give it a go – after all it’s just business, not life or death... 

 EXTRA: Behind the Scenes Interviews

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