Saturday, September 10, 2011


Marc as Nick Bottom the Weaver

Enamoured of an ass
What wakes me from my slumber? - Marc and cast Michael Grady-Hall (Flute/Thisbe) Felix Hayes (Snug) and Arsher Ali (Puck/Phliostrate) - photos courtesy of Chike Okonkwo

Marc continues as Bottom (and Pyramus!) at the RSC in Stratford-upon-Avon - until November 5th 2011 - Huge thanks to Chike Okonkwo for these amazing photos.

And tonight sees the season finale of LA LA LAND on Showtime's SHO Next -

"As six weeks in LA come to an end, Brendan focuses on the custody battle of his estranged son Jack; Shirley attempts to rid himself of the dead celebrity spirits that have controlled his life since he was a child; and Gary is set to collaborate on a short-film with a cult film director. The stakes for each of them have never been higher, but nothing goes quite according to plan. Desperate for cash to pay his attorney’s fees, Brendan takes his first paying job in LA filming an interview with 1980's TV star Alan Thicke – however it’s not long before the police are called. In Glendale, Shirley's exorcism gets out of control when the spirits of Princess Diana and Colonel Sanders refuse to leave his body. And back in central LA, Gary and the director are soon arguing about whether they should pursue Gary's plan to speculate the production budget on lottery scratch-cards. By the end of this tumultuous day, Gary, Shirley and Brendan's lives have changed forever." from Showtime - click HERE to visit the site.