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The Royal Shakespeare Company have added Production photos of Marc as Bottom to the RSC official site - click HERE to view.

London Evening Standard 5*

Most delightful are the so-called rude mechanicals. Their dreadful festive play about Pyramus and Thisbe is performed in a spirit of wondrously inept excess. Marc Wootton is superb as Bottom, the weaver who proves himself an awful ham, while there's a lovely depth of feeling in Felix Hayes's Snug. "

The Telegraph - 5 *:

"There is some fabulous fun and frolics in the forest in the RSC's most recent production of A Midsummer Night's Dream."

"...The mechanicals are terrific, generating a warm sense of male friendship, and the great moment when Bottom – a splendidly bumptious but lovable Marc Wootton – returns from his forest adventures proves deeply affecting. The actual performance of their terrible play is as inventively funny as any I have seen, a glorious celebration of bombastic overacting and theatrical incompetence that becomes surprisingly touching when Bottom and Michael Grady-Hall’s sweetly innocent Francis Flute discover that they really enjoy kissing each other as Pyramus and Thisbe."

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"I liked the so-called Mechanicals – the amateur actors (here in boiler suits and tool belts) led by Marc Wootton’s roly poly Bottom who makes a lovely ass of himself.
His wig transforms into donkey ears and the salami dangling between his legs clearly delights a svelte Titania (the excellent Pippa Nixon). "

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BBC RADIO 4 Saturday Review Show:

"absolutely fabulous"

"high comedy"

"ebullience of Bottom and his Mechanicals"

"Fantastic contemporary working"

"Marc Wootton played a fantastic Bottom...he brought a contemporary comedicness

"...Pyramus and Thisbe was the best I've ever seen"

On BBC Radio 4's Saturday Review Show (6 August 2011) Bidisha and guests - the writers Lisa Appignanesi, Ekow Eshun and Misha Glenny review A Midsummer Night's Dream at the RSC.

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