Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Next showing 5th June 02.15am and 6th June 22.45pm on BBC3

BBC3 10.30pm and 01.45am TONIGHT!

It's the final week for Shirley, Brendan and Gary in LA LA LAND...

Week 6 - Shirley meets exorcist Bob Larson, Brendan seeks advice from a life coach and 80's tv star Alan Thicke, and Gary works with cult diretor Tommy Wiseau

"Don't overestimate me maaaaaaaaaan"

Shirley channeling spirit

Brendan - make or break?

Gary on the set of GREED


James said...

It was a great episode to end a great series. I'm glad to see Shirley has been purged of evil but I really think the director needs to be taken to the same pastor. Thanks for the enjoyment everyone.

Pin-gli said...

thanks for the comment James - glad you enjoyed the finale :) Tommy Wiseau?? Have you seen The Room?

The DVD is out 7 June and has the unseen (banned by the BBC and Showtime) scenes!


James said...

Yes Tommy Wiseau! I haven't seen The Room but think I'll have to, looks extremely "interesting" after looking it up. Can't wait to see the banned scenes.