Monday, April 12, 2010


THE ROOM (18) + Intro from Marc Wootton (BBC 3s - LA LA LAND),

Sat 1st May - 11pm - Clapham Picturehouse

Tommy Wiseau's 'masterpiece' The Room has been hailed as the biggest cult film since Rocky Horror.

Marc Wootton has recently worked with the director Tommy Wiseau and will be hosting the event and talk about his experience with him and will also be showing some exclusive footage from his new series.

Come and join us!
*The amazing Steve Mason - Steve Mason has written and performed all the music for La La Land - and sings the title/credit song - for more info about Steve's work click HERE
*thanks to Chris and Steve Bethemediauk/Bigmouth Publicity

Julian Barratt - LA LA LAND'S fabulous new narrator
photo courtesy of PBJ

As reported today in Chortle, LA LA LAND will feature previously unseen scenes:

"The British version will include a storyline deemed too controversial for American viewers, in which ‘Brendan Allen’ character poses as one of Barack Obama’s Kenyan cousins."

To read the article in full visit Chortle by clicking HERE


booseyhey said...

What's the name of the song at the end of episode 5?

Pin-gli said...

It's by Steve Mason