Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NATIVITY UPDATES...special screenings news..

Marc and Ben Wilby during Nativity filming - thank you to Jill Wilby for this wonderful photo!

On November 22 2009, Nativity will be shown across the UK in aid of Children in Need before the official release date of 27 November 2009 - see

HERE for more details

To see an interview and clips from SKY NEWS with Martin Freeman, Ben Wilby and Bernard Mensah click HERE

Martin Freeman:
"The Office star, who plays a frustrated primary school teacher, paid tribute to his co-star British comedian Marc Wootton, but confessed he was quite a handful on set.

"I think the children combined with Marc Wootton, that's the real clincher," he said. "He's like a big child, he's like another species, Marc."

To read the UKPA interview from Martin Freeman in full click HERE

Nativity will also be featured on Film 2009 with Jonathan Ross on Tuesday 24 November 2009

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