Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FAQ About Time Travel DVD...

***UPDATED***FAQ About Time Travel now available to download from iTunes

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FAQ About Time Travel will be available on
SKY BOX OFFICE (and HD) from Monday 14 September 2009

thanks to Alice at DnA PR for this FAQ About Time Travel DVD release news....
FAQ About Time Travel
On DVD 7 September 2009

“Shaun of the Dead Meets Dr Who” (Front)
“So Funny You’ll Want To Go Back In Time And See It Again” (Sunday Express)

Ray (Chris O’Dowd – The IT Crowd) is obsessed with time travel and all things sci-fi, Toby (Marc Wootton – Confetti) is a film nerd with ambition but absolutely no talent and their mate Pete (Dean Lennox Kelly – Shameless) is a sarcastic cynic who prefers darts to Darth Vader.

As usual the boys are in the pub… But this time, a funny thing happens on the way to the bar - Ray is approached by Cassie (Anna Faris – Scary Movie, The House Bunny), a beautiful girl who claims to be a time traveller. Meanwhile Pete stumbles through a rip in the time space continuum in the gents… Obviously. And so the three bunglers quickly realise there’s going to be more to their evening than peanuts and the pub quiz.

This self-referential Brit-flick is a comic frolic through the space time continuum, and asks, if not completely answering, all of the questions you ever had about time travel but never had the time to ask. Parallel Universes? Paradox arcs? Grandfather theory? And most importantly, will they get back in time for last orders...? FAQ About Time Travel is a MUST for fans of Brit Comedy.


Release Date: 7th September 2009
RRP: £15.99
Copyright: © Lions Gate Home Entertainment UK Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Cat Number: LGD94162
Barcode: 5060052417893
Running time: 80 Mins Approx.
Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic 1.85:1
Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital
Languages: English
Hearing Impaired: English
Cert: 15


Anonymous said...

lovin' it! saw it in the cinema and will be rusing out to buy it on DVD :-)

wonder if it will be "on demand" too?!?!?

Big Dave

Pin-gli said...

Virgin media?

Pin-gli said...

ah yes it's on Virgin Media Movies On Demand - go to Home>Movies on Demand

;-) px

IaSg14 said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's nice to know some people read what I write. Also nice blog you've got going here.

Pin-gli said...

thanks for the comment laSG14!