Saturday, April 25, 2009

FAQ About Time Travel Video Interview

From digital spy

See a 10 minute VIDEO Interview with Marc and Dean Lennox Kelly

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"FAQ About Time Travel pair Marc Wootton and Dean Lennox Kelly have said that they were not allowed "anywhere near" the film's star Anna Faris.

Speaking to DS about the Brit comedy, Wootton joked: "I wasn't allowed to get anywhere near her. I've got orders to be restrained."

Kelly remarked of the US actress: "You know in E.T. when they have that wind tunnel at the end? She used to have one of those all the way to the set."

The former Shameless star added: "When Chris O'Dowd went to kiss her, which fair enough you would freak, she had a lip double."

"Dean wore a blonde wig, in that very last scene where they snog it's Dean!" said Wootton.

FAQ About Time Travel, which centres on three friends who discover a leak in the space time continuum at their local pub, is out in cinemas this Friday." From: digital spy

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