Thursday, February 12, 2009


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT TIME TRAVEL will be shown at the Dublin Film Festival 12- 22 February 2009 - to read more click HERE

new Marc projects news coming soon...

AND HUGE thanks to the AMAZING Production Designer Jonathan Paul Green who worked on both Cyderdelic and High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman and has very kindly provided these previously unseen photos below (more to come) which are new to Fooling Nobody.

You can read more on Jonathan's website HERE and BLOG HERE and follow his current work on twitter HERE

CYDERDELIC - Heroic Revolutionary and Che Guevara

Beetle (Barry Castagnola) Frogger (Liam Woodman).
HIGH SPIRITS - Liam Woodman and Mr Ghostman

"Among all forms of mistake, prophecy is the most gratuitous"

Our hero - Ian Jackson

all photos copyright Jonathan Paul Green

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