Tuesday, February 17, 2009


thank you to Lionsgate


TOBY (Marc Wootton)
Toby is thirty-something, fat and with little regard for personal hygiene, and is Ray’s best mate. He is just as nerdy as Ray in many ways. Quite cocky and self deluded, Toby thirsts for fame. He dreams of writing and directing his own film and is constantly pitching terrible film outlines to anyone who will listen. His ambitions, however, far exceed his talent, a fact which everyone is well aware of apart from him. He has been giving out flyers for a living while he ‘polishes his script’ and will probably still be giving out flyers for some time.
RAY (Chris O’Dowd)
Thirty-something Ray is the acceptable face of geekdom, and the unlikely hero of
FAQ ABOUT TIME TRAVEL. Nerdy but stubbornly proud of it, he’s obsessed with
time travel and science fiction. He is a bit of a dreamer, with his nose constantly in fat sci fi novels. He has a tendency to live in vivid fantasy worlds, a fact which has cost him several jobs and relationships. However, when it comes to the crunch, he has a cool head in a crisis. His favourite Star Wars character is probably Han Solo.
PETE (Dean Lennox Kelly)
Twenty-something Pete is cynical and working class to the core. He thinks that
science fiction is for kids or idiots and takes pleasure in tormenting Toby and Ray for their nerdy interests. He likes a drink and a smoke, and believes in screwing the
system for all he can. He does not believe in ghosts, UFO’s or God and thinks that
belief in any of the above is a sign of stupidity. Pete views his current job of giving out flyers as an easy little earner, with the added perk of free (stolen) burgers. He is also known for being a bit tight with his money.
CASSIE (Anna Faris)
Cassie is a beautiful twenty-something time traveller whose bones have been
replaced with polymer composite, which makes her a time machine. She repairs
time leaks such as the one Pete finds in the gent’s toilets in the pub. She has a
serious crush on Ray, or ‘Ray the Great’ as he is known in the future for the books he has written on time travel, of which Ray is not aware of given he is living in the
MILLIE (Meredith MacNeill)
Millie is an attractive woman who is an Editor (also known as Casual Adjust). She
time travels in order to kill people at their finest hour, to change the course of history, resulting in future generations not being born and chaos theory on a huge scale. Her time machine has a built in armament system which makes her extremely dangerous.

Jamie Mathieson, an experienced stand-up, wrote FAQ ABOUT TIME TRAVEL as
his first feature script. He has recently turned his back on the stage to become a full
time writer, and has been working on the screenplay Jamie Frankel is a Great Shag
for DNA Films. His other work includes an adaptation of the novel The Looking Glass Wars, and a six part comedy thriller Romily Speaks which has been optioned by the BBC.
Mathieson’s writing for television includes an episode of My Parents are Aliens for
Granada, in addition to sketches for Velvet Soup for BBC Scotland. He has also
written monologues for Family Fortunes and Catchphrase for Carlton Television.


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