Monday, November 24, 2008


Huge thanks to Richard Edwards of SFX magazine for the cover image and interview.

To read the interview with the brilliant writer Jamie Mathieson in full see pages 8 and 9 of issue 177, the Christmas 2008 issue, which is available now - the feature has 7 new images from the film featuring Marc, Anna, Dean and Chris as well as a Q&A " IT'S ABOUT TIME" with Marc, Dean and Chris.

Time At the Bar

Three guys, a pub and paradoxes in Brit SF comedy Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel.

Like the grape and the grain , beer and the spacetime continuum don't traditionally mix well - basically, getting your head around Einsteinian theories gets exponentially harder the more pints you've sunk. But in the Brit indie SF comedy Frequently Asked Question About Time Travel, three ordinary blokes find a trip down to their local interuppted by a slip in the fabric of time that's sitting in the gents' loo. And people complain about the smoking ban...

"It's a comedy but I can't lose sight of the fact it is science fiction," FAQATT's debutant writer (and former stand-up) Jamie Mathieson tells Red Alert on the movie's Pinewood set. "I'm also trying to make a good thriller that people will watch and go, 'I'm not just watching this for the gags, I want to know how this plot comes together.' "I wanted to do something with a mind-blowing high-concept vibe to it," he continues, "and I'd always had the idea that you could do a farce using time travel as the mechanism. So rather than , 'Don't go in there, it's my husband!', it's, 'We can't go in there because it's us from half an hour ago.' You can have a situation where the same set of characters are looping back on themselves again and again and again in a very small location, the pub." The three men in question are Ray (The IT Crowd's Chris O'Dowd), Toby (Marc Wootton, from My New Best Friend and Shirley Ghostman) and Pete (Dean Lennox Kelly, the Shameless star and Doctor Who's Shakespeare) "Ray is a science fiction geek obsessed with time travel," explains Mathieson. "Toby is a geek in other ways - he's obsessed with films and thinks he's going to become a famous film director some day. Pete is the working class everyman who hates science fiction, thinks they're both twats and goes through the mill as far as time travel is concerned. He's the one on screen going, "I really don't understand what's going on here.' " After Ray meets a girl from the future played by Scary Movie's Anna Faris - "she's elevated it from being a little British film to being a little British film that everyone's looking at" - the trio are unwillingly transported backwards and forwards in time, encountering giant ants and disovering that something they wrote in the pub that night has made them famous in the future. Unfortunately, it's also prompted something from the future to come back to kill them, so they have to avoid both potential assassins and themselves.

Sounds a bit more complicated than your average chuckle movie..."

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