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NEW MARC NEWS....L.A.........

U.S.A. just in...from Variety by Josef Adalian

Showtime Imports Marc Wootton
Special Report:

Showtime is bulking up its comedy slate for 2009, ordering a series from Blighty comedian Marc Wootton and greenlighting a second season of Tracey Ullman's "State of the Union."

Moves come as Showtime moves closer to giving series orders to its Edie Falco and Toni Collette pilots, both of which are comedies. Nothing's been decided yet, but both projects are highly likely to move forward sometime this summer, joining a Showtime laffer slate which already includes "Weeds" and "Californication."

"We're on a bit of a comedy kick right now," Showtime entertainment president Robert Greenblatt told Daily Variety. Exec is particularly high on Wootton, who's well known in the U.K. (and to BBC America auds) for characters such as theatrical psychic Shirley Ghostman.

"I believe he is the new Sasha Baron Cohen," Greenblatt said, noting Wootton's ability to mine comedy by fooling everyday folks into thinking his characters are real.

In an unusual move, rather than developing a pilot, Showtime is giving Wootton a blind, six-episode series order and is allowing him to create a character-driven, alternative comedy in which his characters interact with unassuming real people.

It also helps that Showtime is flush with cash, thanks to the $300 million or so it will begin saving once its movie output deals expire in 2010. Execs at the cabler have made it clear that the extra coin will be funneled into more original series.

In addition to toplining the BBC "High Spirits With Shirley Ghostman," Wootton also wrote and starred in the comedy quizzer "My New Best Friend" and the BBC sketch comedy "Marc Wootton Exposed."

Wootton's Showtime project will be exec produced and directed by Misha Manson-Smith ("Death in Gaza"). Wootton and Michael Rizzo will exec produce.

As for Ullman's "State of the Union," Showtime has ordered a second season of seven episodes. Skein will return next year.

"State of the Union" premiered March 30 and wrapped its five-episode frosh season on Sunday.

and U.K.
from Chortle

Making his Marc...

Wootton lands his own US series

Making His Marc

Marc Wootton has landed his own American TV series, after Hollywood executives branded him ‘the new Sacha Baron Cohen’.

The comic, best known for playing oddball stage psychic Shirley Ghostman, is to make a six-part series for the upmarket cable channel Showtime.

Unusually, the show, which will air next year, has been commissioned without a pilot episode to test the water.

Showtime entertainment president Robert Greenblatt told Hollywood trade paper Variety: ‘I believe he is the new Sacha Baron Cohen,’ citing his ability to fool people into thinking his characters were real.

‘We're on a bit of a comedy kick right now,’ Greenblatt said.

Showtime already broadcasts comedies Weeds and Californication and
is piloting at least two more comedy series. To read the article in full go to: LINK TO ARTICLE


Anthony said...

Fantastc news!!! can't wat to see it. Think Marc is going to go down brilliantly in the States!

Pin-gli said...

Hey ant!
thanks for the comment!
yes, amazing news - very exciting

...more news sooooooooooon


Anonymous said...

Wow this is amazing...I knew something was in the pipeline so really excited for you Marc that it's become a reality!


Pin-gli said...

thanks for the comment - it's huge news - more sooooooooon!


Anonymous said...

what fantastic news! Well done Marc! Always knew you were a star!! Will you remember us when you are rich(er)and(more)famous!?!


Pin-gli said...

thanks for the comment MB - On his return, Mr Wootton should be on here shortly!!!


Anonymous said...

Marc looks kinda hot in that pic at the top! Thank God for the pink pound hey!?


Pin-gli said...

hahahahaha!!! yes a change of photo, well spotted - last one was from (Variety) the Confetti Premiere

...we have more....


thanks for the comment


Rousha said...

Whoooop! Whoooop! Amazing! I'm sure you're gonna knock their socks off, and their XXXL T.Shirts,70inch waisted trousers and trucker hats! Can't wait to see what trouble you get yourself into! Wishing you the best of luck!

Roo xx

Pin-gli said...

Hahahahah...nice comment ;-)

Mr W will take over the USA...

keep the comments coming!


glastolully said...

WELL...sorry for the delay in expressing my congratulations, Marc, this is awesome exciting news and without a pilot!! Outstanding accolades aplenty - they really dig the Wootton brand huh?! I predict a riot, sir! Enjoy it, but please don't return all 'yah but, and hey, you guys' lol....wanna cwuap of cwoafee?

I am made up for you, go and make the food drop from dropped jaws across the states, mate!

I really would love to be a fly on the wall in american households if they are graced with our little treasure Ian.

....'Cory Bukawski's been picking on ma'ass again - he says i'm too wack to be in his gang, yo' lol


Pin-gli said...

Hey Jase!

BIG thanks for the comment... soooooooon



Anonymous said...

Whoop! Whoop! Marc will go down a storm in the States.

Is there anything else planned on tv for us poor peeps in the UK?

Billy Boy

Pin-gli said...

Thanks for the comment BB - yes news coming soon to the sites of NEW Wootton projects!


Anonymous said...

Wot, no Marc :-(

We miss him, where is he?

Marvellous Marv

Pin-gli said...


thanks for the comment - Mr Wootton is currently very busy on various projects - updates and more coming soon...