Saturday, January 12, 2008


Dearest people what support the Marc Wootton,

Firstly thanks for logging on and coming to have a poke around the site. It’s run by a fabulous web mistress who goes by the name pin-gli. Thankfully for me, she locates, copies and files everything Wootton.
I’m really excited about the show going out this Sunday, please tell everyone and anyone to tune in and have a gander.
My personal favourites are Paul Pearson (The Dracula), Ian Jackson (The psycho child), and Doris (The old lady). It’s pretty obvious if you watch the series as I’ve put them in all six shows!
There are a few surprises coming up in the series, Prudence (The wife who is in denial about her gay husband) is introduced in week 2 and after that each week there is a one-off stand alone character. Dave Bishop (The celebrity driver with a dark secret) is one to look out for, oh and Gary (FREAK).
I really do hope you enjoy the show. Thanks again for taking the time.
Marc x


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the show Marc and Liam, I hope some exec from the beeb calls you tomorrow night after the ratings are confirmed instantly signing you up for a series 2!

Looking forward to seeing some of the individual characters. I was sad Andrew didn't make it. :o( You will have to tell me his secret one day. Who's Gary? It's not the same Gary who's Paul's former manager from Morrisons is it? (i remember everything) Or is Gary the post-office worker, or the guy who doesn't believe he won the lottery? I loved both of these. Oh and the guy who worked in Snappy Snaps. I LOVED HIM! He has the same tragic but hilarious poignancy as Doris say. I hope some of them were saved from the cutting room floor. Or maybe extras on the inevitable DVD release? who knows!

Best wishes,

Rousha said...

Wishing you both the best'est of luck!

from one of your many loyal followers...

Roo xxx

Pin-gli said...

The guy who cuts photos up is called Gill and the man who won the lottery but thought it was a joke is Gary.

Roll on series 2, the tour...etc etc

thanks for the comment..spread the word of Wootton/Woodman!

(watching on a loop)

Pin-gli said...

Hey Rooooooooooo

Many thanks for the comments as ever,

W&W will pop in....and read them all



Anonymous said...

Amazing, was goin to go to sleep but caught a glimps of your show and was hooked, first time ive seen it and can wait to see more.
one thing i must know! What is that tunes used in the links between characters and on the credits?

all the best

Pin-gli said...

Craig, many thanks for the comment - Mr Wootton reads and appreciates them - re: the music it's called We Are Your Friends by SIMIAN - see here:

best wishes

Anonymous said...

watched the show; thought it was great - just love Paul the vampire. Will try and tune into Virgin radio tomorrow morning when I am on way to work (hopefully cheer me up!) :-)

Look forward to seeing next week's show.

Marvioso x

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say that i think the show is brilliant, Paul the vampire is my favourite!.

Hope the show does well.

Much love, Kellie