Saturday, September 01, 2007


"Good morning everyone..."

The *final recording featured:

Warm up by our new best friend the lovely Adrian Poynton

Candy and Ian Jackson live in the studio (plus a photo session) - with play ins from Stu, Prudence, Doris, Robert, Sonny, Rufus (lyrics were ill) Mr Bishop and Una's denouement...but I'm not telling you the plot....'til January 2008....we have to wait...

...*we cried


Jason Morgan said...

"In my day the only type of picture a woman would have taken was an x-ray...."

Oh my god, this is gonna be big when it hits the screens....

I laughed my underwear into a state of red alert throughout tonights performances and v.t's.

But as bets go, i knew it would be a safe one to assume the forecast of tonights show....and i was not dissapointed - I sat next to 2 girls who had never heard of Marc before this evening, and i was monitoring them throughout the night...needles to say they left was clear that they would return to their lives and really spread the word....job done!

OK, so characterwize, Ian Jackson and Candy were live, COME ONNNNN!!! WHAT'S THAT ALL ABOUT?!'

It was a personal highlight to have Ian live...he reigns supreme in my little comedy hero throne in my head. And always will.

Lovin the transformation from showcased characterisations to finished product on all of the new characters.

Una, i had my doubts about when i saw her brought to life at Soho, but the finished product is truly side splitting, she's a new 'discussion piece/catchphrase' for the british public, "my babies..."

Noodle is fantastic...."Judey paid me six graahhnd for it..." Awesome, and his clothes...genius! Its so funny because i know people who aren't a million miles away from him, in dress sense...and attitude!

Doris is a treasure, and will be very very popular...personally the only thing i would tune in to Catherine Tate for was Nan, and i really do love that characterisation, but Doris is packed full of endless laugh-out-loud one liners, i can't wait to watch the full sketches!

Having not had the privelage of seeing anything from Rufus before, he was also a (gasp between laughing) breath of fresh air - the gypsy rap was brilliant...."Use a lead, not string..." Classic!!

And Stu...deffinately a runner up in my book to Ian...what a brilliant comedy that character has 'got legs' to coin a stupid phrase.

There are far too many other moments that i could droan on about, but take it from me, this is real treat t.v, and i cannot wait for the aired advice to you all is to buy a big thick red marker pen, and circle 'The Wootton Project' in your weekly Heat magazine; set your skyplus, whatever you have to do...because you miss this and you miss out big time!

Take Care

Jason Morgan

Anonymous said...

" Wet the bed, teddys dead" I doubt I will be able to resist the temptation when I put my kids to bed!

Una was fantastic, I loved it when she spelt her name "U N A see not the letter C" genius at work.

Doris I wanted to take home. She looked like a proper nan who needed a love.

I've worked with kids a little like Ian and even have some as members of my family BUT Tampon licking that boy needs to be sectioned!!

It was worth the dash from Brum down to the recording and I hope the show gains the following it deserves.

Fantastic wit and genius at work!!

Claire x

Pin-gli said...

Helloooo Jase and Claire, lovely to see you there, and thanks so much for the comments - amazing night last night - roll on January....


Rousha said...

Hey Marc & Liam! (and Pin Gli!!!!)

Just wanted to say how much i enjoyed the shows i went to!

i absolutely love the way both of you do the dark humour!
Stu is amazing!!! the sketches for the Kids at War are brilliant! sick and twisted! fantastic!

Leading on now to Ian Jackson from that... (hehe) i got excited seeing Ian Jackson as a child, i think his character from Shirley Ghostman was great, but to show his childhood stories just makes so much sense! Bless that little fucked up shit!

Candy.... great tits gal!

Rufus rocks! i had someone ask me what my name was once and they thought i said Rufus, ...yeah right... well done?!?!

I'm excited for when this comes out on TV as i recon this will bring more attention to the art that you both do. Im sure you will both become household names and gain a wider spectrum of success and the respect you both deserve.

Your a great inspiration to Comedy, fresh and witty!

Love ya!

Rousha xxx

Pin-gli said...

Roooooooooo!!! So good to see you there too. Loving your thoughts - Having been at the warm-ups, I LOVED seeing the final STU...scary.. and the dark sides of Ian, Una, and the impact of unseen/alluded to characters in Doris and Prudence's lives.


Anonymous said...

Just got back from a crazy weekend, Marc&Liam- comedy legends Friday night and Prince - music legend saturday night...woop.

The show's amazing guys! I've gushed enough (not literally) but you know my thoughts. Doris, Stu, Ian and Una are perfect. Una's ending is perfect I was agape with her finale but it was perfect.

Doris is just perfect. Stu has really come on from the Drill Hall and is universally popular. What Stu preaches is very extreme and very funny, I hope this edge isn't censored too much by the Beeb!

I think Paul is the audience's fave. He's very lovable.

The taxi driver is perfectly polished and a lot funnier than when first seen.

Seeing Candy's shoot was great...she's nothing how I imagined and I think Friday was a bit Candy overkill but obviously I appreciate practically you had to shoot all her scenes in one go. I hope in the show she's in short/sharp doses as I think thats how she'll work best and be most effective. I love the surreal humour piece, Donald Mouse and Ear Wizard...don't know why but these really tickle me.

Ian's great another audience fave -tampon licking aside. But the lady you gave it too was chuffed...can't wait to see that little item on eBay! love all the little background touches in the set.

Congratulations on a great show it deserves more reconition than any offer sketch show I have ever seen. I hope you reap the rewards you deserve.

All the best and good luck, take care of yourselves,


PS What happened to Andrew Mackintosh...think that was his name... his persona was brilliant and I hope he made the final cut!

Pin-gli said...

wow thanks for all the comments- keep 'em comin' - as for Andrew (I loved him) he has we'll never find out his secret..aaaargghhh!!!


Anonymous said...

Friday evening was a superbly funny and enjoyable night!!

After getting sight of some of the characters first hand on Friday, I can honestly say that I cannot wait for the series to be aired in January!!

Ian Jackson is an awesome character and was delighted that I had the opportunity to see him in the flesh, and his sick stories will transfer well to tv I am sure.

Having only seen flashes of Doris, she really is a character that has wet the appetite and the full sketches will be worth the wait, I am certain!!

Keep up the good work with the webiste - roll on January!!

Matt Ellis and Vicki Van Gils

Pin-gli said...

Thanks so much for the comment about Friday and your kind comment about the site Matt, and lovely to see you both there!


Anonymous said...

Ok seriously if you guys are still with me. I received a text from my most un-luvvie friend about this 2 days before and I did have plans but for some reason I was drawn to it. Sooo funny! I was the one in the second row in the front and I hope I didn't spoil it at all for anyone because that was not my intention and no before you say it I hadn't been drinking. That day. I just found that I was left amused, pleased and offended me all in one shake of the tail feather. Ok the highlight of my evening was just the seamless coming together not only of the hilarious, laugh out loud so hard that audience members leave mid-show for a toilet break and still hear me bits but the synchronicity of Adrian’s set, the timing and surreal juxtaposition of ‘student’ and teacher, parent/ sibling and of course first and foremost viewer/ comedian connection. I was magnetized by Marc by the end of it all and I had no idea who he was although so many things have come together since then. To not just quote but intertextualise one last time. He’s a bit of sneaky but I like it, I like it alot!!

Pin-gli said...


thanks for your thoughts - we look forward to more here at FN Towers...


Anthony said...

Loved finally seeing the characters in all their glory Friday! The Wootton Project is going to kick all the bottoms of all other sketch comedy EVER!

My personal faves were Ian Jackson (loved him in Ghostman too) Noodle, War on Kids (cracks me up thinking about it) Candy, Roofus (think the gypsy scene was my overall fave). I can't wait for January!!! Will be spreading the word. As someone else said it was GENIUS!

Pin-gli said...

Yay Ant (&Claire)! - the newly incarnated Ian is emerging as one of the favourites...thanks for the feedback as ever,

pics and clips soooon....