Saturday, August 25, 2007


I see a monkey/Discordant then resolves....

Tonight's audience were treated to live appearances from Doris and Pip, who made his way through the audience - songs included the Drawing Pin dilemma, the Alcoholic clown and the Salad box - with an accompaniment from C.D.A. aka Katie the rhesus monkey. Play-ins included Prudence and Chachi, Robert PC gone mad man, Una, Rufus and Sonny. Warm-up was from Adrian.

If anyone requires tickets for the final recording on 31 August 2007 - contact us/leave a comment.

Doris and Pip's sets

Simon -"what Noodle doodled" Tony Brown on.


Kevin Dean said...

Great to see the show again, and I am really looking forward to see the end product on TV. All the very best. Kevin

Rousha said...

Really enjoyed the shows on thursday and friday... loved the character who thought everything was being filmed and it was a prank being played on him. Most of the characters have an underlying sadness to their stories, which gives you somthing to think about... but love the way in which you use humour, you clever boys!

Oh yeah... the Human Calculator, GENIUS! hahah!

Good Luck for next week! I look forward to the last show!

Roo xxx

Pin-gli said...

Yay thanks for the comments - show was AMAZING..loved the pathos.

Stu will be appearing on the 31st.


Anonymous said...

Show was fab. Loved seeing all the work that's gone into Doris' is perfect.

Rousha is so true about the underlining tragedy of some of the characters.

Especially the guy who works in the photo print shop...didn't catch his name but loved him. My friend Kim didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

Paul was very popular last night judging crowd reaction. The video diary is spot on...exactly how I imagined it.

The warm up guy was a bit annoying but from what I hear he's better than previous recordings. Is this is a tactical ploy? Similar to having an ugly bridesmaid to make the bride better looking! Not that you need any comedy boost.

You all must be very proud of how the show's turning out. Love the opening credits...think thats more practical than the YouTube theme you were thinking about.

Well done guys and congratualtions on a great show!


pin-gli said...

Thanks for all the comments guys...NEXT WEEK IS ALSO GOING TO BE AMAZING


Pin-gli said...

p.s. Re: character names, the guy who edits photos (Pillar boxes) is Gill and the man who won the lottery but thought it was a joke is Gary.