Sunday, May 13, 2007


Big thanks to Jeff and Luke for this candid photography from Marc's show at the Soho theatre last night...

...loves it!



Rousha said...

Hey Marc, (and pin-gli!)

I came to your performance on the 12th May.
I was the one sitting next to the fruit loop! She had to sit next to me didnt she!?!
I loved Rufus! i have an ex who was a bit like that, not as posh, but it just wasnt his 'thang', and when they breakdance in a pub, badly, its time to move on.
I didnt cry.
Una was great, it would be funny to see you using real tourists for that!!
(im rubbish with names..)
the Vampire guy... i see those kinda people all the time, the guys who are bored so they pretend they are in the matrix etc (long leather jacket)... good on em(?), but Vampire guy is taking it to the next level, love it!
the little old lady, bless her, i cried.
The american singer, loved it when he was causing pain, and didnt realise it, but turns it on himself so hes the victim. great!
(is that a bit sinister for me to say that?)
PC gone mad guy, love him. cant wait to see more of what he says.
The woman with the gay son, bless her blindness!!!
(if i have missed a character, im sorry... )
Love your work!
Roo xx

Pin-gli said...

Hey Roo!!!!

thanks so much for your comment - keep 'em coming - hope you enjoy the next one on the 25th!

(I also love Vampire guy, Paul, he's Dracula Spectacular; Una's flashbacks - "Circus sex" - and Pip the singer, classic character)

Rousha said...

Oh and Sonny... bless how he looks out for his mum, love his hatred for his dad.... i almost want him to be pervy towards her... gone to far?!?! haha!
Roo xx

Pin-gli said...

Hey Rousha!!!
Yes, love Sonny - his characterisation and the references to his unseen parents adds perspective


Anthony said...

I think Rousha pretty much took the words out of my mouth, although I don't have an ex like Ra ra ra ra Rufus!

Great performance, very very strong material and characters. Vampire just cracked me up. Thought the old lady was very clever, got all sorts of emotions going. Chachi...what a bitch eh! Love Pip, think he should def be on the line up for Live Earth, the gig needs him. I'd love to see people's genuine reaction to a tour from Una.

Think that lady not quite getting the idea of dressing as a character was trying to be complimentary...think she was trying to say that Marc didn't need to dress up as he was nice the way he is. I'm not her by the way... ;)

Special mention to the hoodie......fab!


WOWEY. Thank you for your comments people. Liam and I have been reading them this morning. Trying to write new material - it's good the midnight work wasn't wasted. Loads of love and thanks for your support.

Marc x

Pin-gli said...

Hey Ant
loving your comments - hope you all also enjoy the next - 25th May - show...

..I WANT a hoodie like that ;-)


rousha said...

Your welcome Marc & Liam! Look forward to your new stuff on the 25th! Whooop!

Hey Pin-gli! keeping it 80s!

Roo x

Pin-gli said...

...nice one Roo!

Keep those comments coming...