Saturday, May 26, 2007


...Anarchists are pretty...

It's Jason and Su

(and Liam just seen in the background!)

Owen and Marc

...Huge thanks to Jason for the candid photography from Marc's show at the Soho Theatre, 25th May 2007....

I'm loving it!



rousha said...

I am a muppet, missed the show.

im sure it was amazing! i hope to catch the next show that you do!

Rousha xx

Jason said...

"Nina Nina, pretty ballerina..."

Well i knew i wouldnt be dissapointed, and i was sooo right!

Absolutely loving the new material -

PIP, instant catchphrase value with 'I Cried', great hairdo sketch...I cried lol

DORIS thinking she's dying when actually experiencing her first orgasm a pensioner, laughed mine AND the person next to me's tits off!Liking the idea of Jim's possible manoeuvre from soul mate to bastard...she'll be the new peoples princess, in support tights and petticoat, i have no doubt!

TOP MARKS GO TO THE MASSIVELY ANIMATED AMERICAN 'ROLL IT ON OVER, JUMBO' COMEDIENNE - i think this will be hugely popular,loved the 'improv' stuff, very clever - i mean, Come Onnnn x

ROBERT, ANTI PC NORTHENER 'ITS NOT RIGHT...' GUY - very funny, and reminded me of more than 1 person i have stumled across! buckets of room for all sorts of issues being covered by this guy, lol

NOODLE - Comedy Gold, nuff said, i could see the sketch so vividly in my mind, his clothes, the pace and 'yoof tv' action fast moving style of filming, the incidental muzak - the lot, i think this is a winner!

And my favourite, (YOUNG) IAN JACKSON - Marc, i am always beyond self control when Ian is around, he almost makes me pass air through poo i laugh so much...
Genius - I will NEVER tire of Ian Jackson.....the last time somebody laughed at me, the skin from their face got under my fingernails....
I bow to you, Ian is an absolute gem

UNA - very funny indeed, as others have commented this should be played with unsuspecting public, as i suspect was the plan all along

*************come on bbc3, you know what he's talking about*******

On a personal note, great to meet you Marc, and Liam, and look forward to our meet to fight with the power of five for Glasto!


Pin-gli said...

Thanks so much for your comment Jase!! Glad to hear you loved the show.

Oh Rousha!!!
Next time, definitely!!!