Tuesday, May 08, 2007


"...please don't cry..."

...news just in from the BBC - the next two live shows by Marc at the Soho Theatre are...


- which is why the "get tickets" link on the BBC What's On page has been taken down now.

Returns may become available - For further info Call the BBC audience services on :

0870 9011 227

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Anonymous said...

Last night at the Soho Theatre was fab. Not really sure what to say that I haven't already. Una, Prudence, Rufus, Pip, Robert and Paul for me are the strongest characters. Loved Pip's song about the ringworm...legendary!

Richard and Chachi (not sure how you spell his name) are getting more and more brazen with their love affair aren't they. I like the progression from the drill Hall when we're first introduced to the new mexican friend to last nights show with full on gang bang at Prudence's house! Poor love...but I gues Cha chi will get what's coming to him...can't wait for that cat fight. Have you thought of hiring Ricardo to play Cha chi...I'm sure he could do with a few bob now is 5mins of fame are well and truly over!

I love the cycle that every character goes through, like you say they're all deluded and I gather by the end of the series they are come to a point os resolution. This would be true of Andrew, Doris, Paul and Prudence for sure but dont forget to leave some doors open for series 2...see forever the optimist!

I also have a real soft spot for Doris, she is the personification of so many old ladies out there, including my gran! Ok so not many old dears have to go under the table between meals but it's an extreme of that generation. Maybe thats the beauty of it all... the characters maybe be extreme, deluded and a bit crazy but you know what they're not too far from reality either- which is scary in itself!