Wednesday, April 11, 2007

THE WOOTTON PROJECT - message from Marc

11 Apr 2007, 22:57

Thanks to everyone that came to the try out tonight. I really appreciate your support. Hope you will enjoy the finished product.

Thanks for your positivity pin-gli. x

Marc x


Iain McNicol said...

Really enjoyed last night, the new characters are great and I look forward to seeing them in full make up. Thanks again for signing the scripts we stole off the stage at the end of the show and for spending the time chatting to us in the bar. I say chatting, but by the end it was just a group of 7 people all talking at you at the same time, thanks for your patience. Keep up the good work and we'll hopefully see you soon.


Anonymous said...

Last night was brilliant. I was sat there quite happy to see what I saw two weeks ago again but was in fact treated to new characters and new sketches. *woop*

Loving Doris...have confidence in these last minute characters Marc...they are just as strong. She was probably my favourite last night.

It was good to see Rufus again I have a soft spot for him! As with the Drill Hall audience he was really popular.

Another character that has evolved a lot from Drill Hall is Paul...the hapless vamp. So much stronger last night and the concept cam diay so works. He's become relaly polished. Incidently when I worked at Morrisons at tehtender age of 16...I had a line manager called Gary...he was a knob too...see how art imitates life!

They really like Sonny too and Candy...i mean C'MON! "Mikey Duck and Donald Mouse...what's up with that!"

Loving the new Pip sketches too...he such a solid and staple character....consistently funny.

How funny yet appropriate is PC gone mad guy...I always forget his name...but he's a keeper. The sketch from last time and this week were really strong and again hugely popular with the audience. Its because as OTT as he may be...its true and PC gone mad is in the papers everyday. I'm glad he got his day in Court!

But yeah Doris was my fave...loved her voice and tone. Des is dead...rejoice!

I cant get MySpace at work so I hope all the feedback is positive...but it was worth pulling a sickie for and coming up to London again.

Til next time...

Missed you Pin-gli!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the feedback guys. Liam and I are trying to write more funnies for next time. I think the next gig is in Soho. God Bless. Marc x

Pin-gli said...

hey great to read your thoughts on last night...more live news to come...VERY and on Marc's Myspace

Pin-gli said...

p.s. see you soon Lukester!