Thursday, January 18, 2007

FAQATT - Wind, Reel And Print - 'citing!!!

...if you haven't been on Jamie Mathieson's blog yet (and why haven't you?!) the latest is:

(Thursday, January 18, 2007)

And that's a Wrap

"Principal photography has finished. We had our wrap party...

Our main boys (Marc, Dean and Chris) got me some presents and a home made card with a photo on the front. Which I would love to share, but seeing as they are all in costume in the piccy, it's a no-no. Very touching though.

Then we all shuffled away into the night, some vomiting, some crying, some babbling about the premiere.

Next stop, the rough assembly... "

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More details to follow....


Luke said...

eeeek the excitement!

Pin-gli said...

keep watching here!