Friday, December 22, 2006

Foolingnobody Felicitations!

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Merry Xmas and 2007 to everyone from Foolingnobody - Pin-gli, Shanga, his,

...more Marc in 2007 news VERY soon....

Thanks to all for their interest, Rex Crowle for his genius/help and a special thanks to Monsta and Andy Savage.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

IN A PARALLEL WORLD: Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

"To celebrate the start of shooting, we bought the three male leads a gift each (Anna Faris wasn't due for a couple of weeks). I suggested getting them each a model Delorean from the Back to the Future series - thematically bang on, and BTTF is close to a lot of people's hearts on this production, including mine.

I knew that Marc would be into it, having already proven his geek credentials. I therefore ensured that he was given the cool one that flew in the second film, with wheels that swiveled downwards. I wasn't sure how Chris would feel about his gift, but Dean I felt sure would react with bemused disinterest bordering on aggression.

I wasn't let down. When I got to his dressing room, I discovered he was using it, still in it's box, to prop the door open.

We have cast very well in this film.

From: jamiemathieson blog