Wednesday, September 06, 2006


See Marc live!

Marc will be filming a pilot for BBC2 - there are 2 dates - Friday 22nd September and Tuesday the 26th 2006:

Date of show:
Friday 22nd September, Tuesday September 26th (both shows are pilot performances and not for transmission)
Studio doors open:
7.00pm (Bar available from 6.15pm)
Age Limit:
Those under the age of 16 will not be admitted
Venue: Drill Hall
Nearest tube:
Goodge Street

to get tickets click on the BBC link below:

Making his Marc

BBC Two show for Wootton

Marc Wootton, the man behind spoof medium Shirley Ghostman, is to make his own BBC Two sketch show.

The comic, who also starred in Cyderdelic and My New Best Friend will film a pilot of The Marc Wootton Project later this month.

The BBC say:

‘Men, women, old and young, no one is spared and no comic stone left unturned by this gifted comedy actor. This will be a very different approach to a sketch show and proves to be truly memorable.’

To apply for free audience tickets to the September 22 and 26 recordings, click here.


Extract from Chortle:
Chortle Making His Mark

September 6, 2006


Pete said...

Absolutley randomly brilliant, who else could pull of a character of a simple mided punk who mugs a blind man for his cane and make it funny, every character was brilliant and original, didn't think that the londoners understood the full mental profile of a westcountry minicab driver, but non the less they still found it marvelous. Don't really wana kiss his arse too much, but well done, and really didn't expect that.
P.s. i've broken my cyderdelics dvd but when it was workin that was fan dabby dosey too, aufweidersein pet

Luke said...

I saw the Marc Wootton project pilot show and was amazed. I really didn't expect to see anything that could rival Shirely Ghostman but I was in for a treat. There's Una the Russian London tour guide who struggles to forget her tortued communist past..."Oh how it burns...It reminds me of the time I had to smoke a cigarette through my lady mouth" And there's Stu the child expert ...."Stu says - Zap 'em in the microwave" Plus the distressed american emo singer/songwriter "DINNER LADY, CHIPS AND GRAVY!!!" and the naive story telling of a wife who fails to acknowledge her husband and their mexican lodger Chachi could be more than friends...

One word...brilliant. I hope it gets commissioned!