Thursday, July 06, 2006


I am Shanga, the little monkey man what's at the top and this is the first post on the Fooling nobody blog spot. Exciting eh? During the coming months watch this space for information on Marc Wootton. This is the place you will find out about his new programmes, live shows and forthcoming apperances in other peoples bits and bobs. There is a live show planned for the end of August at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith. More details to follow...

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Mo Abersheid said...

Hi J

Marc Wootton is a genius, plain and simple. High Spirits has got to be one of the best executed dark comedies I've seen since "Strangers with Candy" with Amy Sedaris. In a time when British comedy has become so ridiculously "wacky" and Americanized, we get a helping of High Spirits just in time. This is right up there with A League of Gentlemen, The Office and Little Britain. Thankfully, it made it to BBC America where we had a chance to enjoy this brilliant show this past spring. My favorite episode is where he had to banish Sheba and had difficulty doing proper readings for the audience and got increasingly upset with the audience for laughing at him. Brilliant stuff. And the channeling of Adam, "Hello, I'm Adam from Adam and Eve". And the Wendy Grossman interview really topped it off for me. She was exactly the right person for Shirley to antagonize. "You do look a bit wacked out".

Since watching High Spirits I've bought the DVD and finally got to see My New Best Friend. I've watched the entire series several times already. It's absolutely brilliant. My favorite episode is Michael Jacobs and his "new best friend" Wicky. One of the best bits is when Michael is trying to sleep and Wicky is telling him this ridiculous story and Michael has to keep making choices about where the story will go next. I'm surprised he didn't finally punch Wicky.

Also, just bought Cyderdelic and can't wait to watch the series. Can't wait to see what Marc has coming up next for us.

I really hope he takes off here in America as his comedy needs to be seen by everyone. Simply brilliant. Thanks. Mo