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Shirley V's Sceptics - "I Just Know Things..."

I've linked to these articles on the blog as the author Wendy Grossman, and Nick Pullar and Chris French all feature in the newly released HIGH SPIRITS WITH SHIRLEY GHOSTMAN DVD (3 July 2006).

"...Ooh...telegram for little Miss-Know-It-All on the Front desk"

Sceptics 48, Marc Wootton 0, net.wars
By Wendy Grossman Friday 17 December 2004.

ON TUESDAY afternoon, four sceptics went along, one at a time, to a lab at University College London, where we were each filmed talking to and testing an extremely bizarre psychic. On Tuesday evening, I blogged the details at vast length.
On Thursday afternoon, I phoned the production assistant we had been dealing with and said, "So. This filming we participated in on Tuesday. Was it for the Marc Wootton Project?"
"How did you figure it out? You didn't use psychic means?"
I feel we lived up to our billing as good sceptics.
The four sceptics were: me, in my other life role as founder and former editor of the UK magazine The Skeptic; Chris French, an increasingly distinguished professor and head of the head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths College; Nick Pullar, who runs the popular and successful Skeptics in the pub series; and Paul Taylor. The ivory-suited psychic we met was the most hostile psychic I've ever met, and suggested the most unsavoury hidden secrets. I, as well as Nick and Paul, did a test, in which he had to reproduce exactly five facts about ourselves that we had written down, and reproduce a drawing we'd made. These were supposed to be preliminary tests, with a view to doing something more comprehensive early next year.
Our psychic's guesses were wildly off-base, a problem he tried to cover by coming up with even wilder interpretations to link what we'd written to what he'd written. I'd written: "I have two old tennis balls in my dryer." After confusing dryer with drawer – even psychics have trouble with my handwriting – he explained that the connection to what he'd written, "JESUS", was that there was also a picture of Jesus inside my dryer.
"How do you know," a recent house guest said, "that I didn't draw a picture of Jesus on one of those tennis balls, hmm?"

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