Friday, December 22, 2006

Foolingnobody Felicitations!

Rexbox image from High Spirits Psychic A-Z


Merry Xmas and 2007 to everyone from Foolingnobody - Pin-gli, Shanga, his,

...more Marc in 2007 news VERY soon....

Thanks to all for their interest, Rex Crowle for his genius/help and a special thanks to Monsta and Andy Savage.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

IN A PARALLEL WORLD: Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

"To celebrate the start of shooting, we bought the three male leads a gift each (Anna Faris wasn't due for a couple of weeks). I suggested getting them each a model Delorean from the Back to the Future series - thematically bang on, and BTTF is close to a lot of people's hearts on this production, including mine.

I knew that Marc would be into it, having already proven his geek credentials. I therefore ensured that he was given the cool one that flew in the second film, with wheels that swiveled downwards. I wasn't sure how Chris would feel about his gift, but Dean I felt sure would react with bemused disinterest bordering on aggression.

I wasn't let down. When I got to his dressing room, I discovered he was using it, still in it's box, to prop the door open.

We have cast very well in this film.

From: jamiemathieson blog

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


...latest film news on the net from :


Empire, and

The Hollywood Reporter


Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel:




Jamie Mathieson's Film Blog:


Fooling Nobody archive on F.A.Q.A.T.T.

foolingnobody blogspot


It's about time...

Shooting starts on Brit sci-fi comedy

"Filming is about to start on a new British sci-fi comedy film.
Hollywood actress Anna Faris from the Scary movie films, is to fly to the UK to star in Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel.
She plays a girl from the future who appears to help three social outcasts - two geeks and a cynic - as they attempt to navigate a time-travel conundrum while sat in a pub.
The trio of nerds will be played by The IT Crowd’s Chris O’Dowd, Shameless’s Dean Lennox Kelly and Shirley Ghostman’s Marc Wootton.
Gareth Carrivick, who directed The Smoking Room and Little Miss Jocelyn for the BBC, will start shooting the film next week.
The script was written by former stand-up Jamie Mathieson
, who will be keeping a blog during filming.
Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel will be released by Picturehouse release in association with BBC Films and HBO Films.

29/11/2006 Permanent link

Marc on Chortle:

Marc's biog listing on Chortle

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sheba is missing!

"Sheba bit an innocent spirit baby's face off in heaven..."

Huge thanks to Ben for this image of Mr Shirley Ghostman and Sheba (from the

Breakdown episode of High Spirits - "remember if you don't believe Sheba will bite your face off").


Thursday, November 16, 2006


...has been nominated for a British Comedy Award for Best Comedy Film.... more details here:

Comedy Awards 2006

and is premiering on SKY Box Office channel 700 - 757 from

22 November 2006, various times:

Marc plays Snoopy.

For more details and to read a review from the Los Angeles Times, click here:

foolingnobody blogspot

Monday, November 06, 2006



Hello treacle,

Tis me Shanga. I’m writing to thank everyone that supported ‘The Wootton Project’ at the Drill Hall earlier this year. Also, I thought I should let anyone half interested know that as a result of the show those nice people at the BBC have commissioned a six part series due to air next year. It’s going to be reasonably funny with a couple of funnier bits in it to spice things up. I’d also like to send warm wishes to the nice lady what runs this blog spot thing. I like it. Well I would wouldn’t I? It’s all about me. Anyway – big monkey face licks to that Lady girl.

I miss you.


Shanga x

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November Shirley repeats on BBC America

Tonight - 4 November 2006 - on E4 at 9pm -

- a repeat of 100 Greatest Funny Moments.

For more info click here:

foolingnobody blogspot

As promised BIG Announcement coming very soon about Marc!

(Also updated the "Shall we scroll on?" article from August 2006 in Archive with a new clip!) Click here to watch it:

Are YOU suggesting sumfin???

AND updated here:


with Chris O'Dowd and writer Jamie Mathieson's filming blog

In the meantime...High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman continues to be shown on BBC America in November:

Sun, Nov 26, 2006
"High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman In each episode, comedian Marc Wootton fools unsuspecting studio audiences and people on the street under his camp alias, Shirley Ghostman. Shirley is a self-proclaimed celebrity medium with a talent for channeling people who are dead famous."
3:00 am
Ser. 1, Ep. 1

3:40 am
Ser. 1, Ep. 2

4:20 am
Ser. 1, Ep. 3

BBCAmerica schedule

Sunday, October 08, 2006


...*tonight on Channel 4's 100 Greatest Funny Moments (narrated by Rob Brydon) -
The Pilot Show, created by Paul Garner (at numbers 98 - Rob Rouse, Debbie McGhee and Marc as Baxter and 76 {AND Shirley Ghostman at 59 featuring Shirley Versus the sceptic Chris French and My New Best Friend - at number 19 - Stevie and Tim}).

Marc also features as Uri Geller's "Namesake" (Paul Garner is the voiceover)

we learn that:

" is an incredible tool of relaxation"

* repeated on 15 December 2007, 24 January 2009 - E4 and 5 September 2010 - E4

Monday, September 18, 2006



Click here:


...Also, Film news just in...

Marc Wootton

'Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel'

is confirmed and is filming this Winter with Chris O'Dowd...

more details to follow....

Writer Jamie Mathison's blog of the filming:



Confetti is released today (18 September 2006) on DVD in the UK and in cinemas in the US.

Review from the Los Angeles Times:


Wedded bliss goes amiss in mocking documentary

By Michael Ordoña, Special to The Times September 15, 2006

Mockumentaries have become the scourge of low-budget cinema; given a camera and actors who can talk, filmmakers with amusing concepts seem to think they're the next Christopher Guest. The only two really necessary ingredients, of course, are rare: Actors gifted at improvisation and a director who knows when to move scenes along. Happily, the British import "Confetti" has both.

Confetti, a bridal magazine, is holding a contest for the year's most original wedding. Aided by two expert planners, the three finalist couples struggle with logistics, family and their own foibles — no surprises here. But this sometimes cumbersome framework showcases supremely committed performances that manage to sell theme nuptials based on tennis, Hollywood musicals and naturist (apparently not the same thing as "nudist" but to most eyes they'll look the same) culture. As one of the planners gushes, "It's a three-ring circus of love!"

Theater veteran Debbie Isitt directs on the shoulders of Guest (there are clear "Best In Show" and "Waiting for Guffman" influences) but does so deftly. Scenes seem just long enough, and although the pathos can feel forced, she mostly succeeds in building empathy for a ragged bunch of folks with unusual dreams.

Fans of the original "Office" will be delighted to see Martin Freeman back in nice-guy mode as half of the musical couple.
Comic Jimmy Carr is hilarious as the magazine's publisher: "I'm a bride's best friend," he announces brightly, then adds, resignedly, "I'm not gay."Speaking of which, easily the most likable partners are the wedding planners (Vincent Franklin and Jason Watkins). Bravely dedicated to their high-strung, complicated charges, they are the heroes of the piece — and its paragon of the enduring, loving couple."Confetti" also makes terrible singing funny again, with the musical bride (Jessica Stevenson) admitting she is "physically dyslexic" and "slightly tone deaf."

And the groom's best man, Snoopy (the scene-stealing Marc Wootton), is an awful rock frontman who warbles before the happy couple at a pub gig, "You made your bed / I hope you lie in it with the girl who stole our dreams away / She's just like Yoko Ono / Dead man walking / Can't you hear your old friend talking?"

Under the insanity and unsexy nudity, "Confetti" has a sweet center. Comic timing, themes of tolerance and commitment and the marriage of farce and empathy lift the film above the mockumentary pack.*

'Confetti'MPAA rating: R for nudity and language A Fox Searchlight Pictures release. Conceived, directed by Debbie Isitt. Producers Ian Flooks, Ian Benson. Director of photography Dewald Aukema. Editor Nicky Ager. Running time: 1 hour, 34 minutes.

In selected theaters.

From:LA Times

Buy the DVD here:

Confetti DVD Amazon UK

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


See Marc live!

Marc will be filming a pilot for BBC2 - there are 2 dates - Friday 22nd September and Tuesday the 26th 2006:

Date of show:
Friday 22nd September, Tuesday September 26th (both shows are pilot performances and not for transmission)
Studio doors open:
7.00pm (Bar available from 6.15pm)
Age Limit:
Those under the age of 16 will not be admitted
Venue: Drill Hall
Nearest tube:
Goodge Street

to get tickets click on the BBC link below:

Making his Marc

BBC Two show for Wootton

Marc Wootton, the man behind spoof medium Shirley Ghostman, is to make his own BBC Two sketch show.

The comic, who also starred in Cyderdelic and My New Best Friend will film a pilot of The Marc Wootton Project later this month.

The BBC say:

‘Men, women, old and young, no one is spared and no comic stone left unturned by this gifted comedy actor. This will be a very different approach to a sketch show and proves to be truly memorable.’

To apply for free audience tickets to the September 22 and 26 recordings, click here.


Extract from Chortle:
Chortle Making His Mark

September 6, 2006

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Re: Cyderdelic the DVD - Marc as Su Long

For the USA, the DVD can be obtained here:

Amazon UK

Cyderdelic Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Su-per Veggie burger
2 - Glastonbury
3 - Save The Fish
4 - Love Parade
5 - Environmental
6 - Asylum
The DVD also contains the Pilot episode

In the meantime, view the clips!

Narrator John Peel introduces Cyderdelic; Get Back; Education, Education, Education; Women; Huntingdon Life Sciences and Cannabis:


Su-per Veggie Burger - " 1 get 1".

Friday, August 25, 2006


...more repeat times (September 17th and 18th 2006) for High Spirits added to BBC America article.

Added the original BBC3 trailers (Trailer 1: "...he's either really tall, or he's stood on a box"; Trailer 2: Eamonn Holmes; Trailer 3: "...How were you supposed to know dogs couldn't feed themselves") to the BBC Comedy Guide piece below.

Tiger Aspect clips of intro to My New Best Friend (Stevie) and High Spirits to YouTube piece.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


As well as the article, Maxim UK are also currently showing clips of Shirley as "Marriage Clairvoyant" on their website:

Maxim clip

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Shall we scroll on?"

Nighty Night is currently being shown on BBC3 - Marc features
as Gary Furze of the Lasso the Moon dating agency...

***UPDATED*** Marc also features in the second series of Nighty Night, Episode 1, as Dennis - which is being shown Wednesday 20th September 2006 on BBC3.

Nighty Night series 1 and 2 which Marc features (episode 1 series 1, and episode 1 series 2) can be purchased here on DVD from


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

BBC Comedy Guide

High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman is one of the featured shows you can currently "Watch and Listen" on the BBC Comedy Guide! (alongside clips of The Office, Extras, Look Around You, etc).

BBC Clips

Plus here are the original BBC3 trailers:

BBC Trailers

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Shirley on BBC AMERICA

Mr Ghostman can be seen NOW on BBC America as part of The Underground:

see BBC

Thu, Jul 27, 2006
11:30 pm

High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman In each episode, comedian Marc
Wootton fools unsuspecting studio audiences and people on
the street under his camp alias, Shirley Ghostman.
Shirley is a self-proclaimed celebrity medium with a talent for
channeling people who are dead famous.
Ser. 1, Ep. 5

Thu, Aug 3, 2006
11:30 pm
Ser. 1, Ep. 6

Thu, Aug 10, 2006
11:30 pm
Ser. 1, Ep. 1

Sun, Sep 17, 2006

5:00 am
Ser. 1, Ep. 1

5:30 am
Ser. 1, Ep. 2

Mon, Sep 18, 2006

5:00 am
Ser.1, Ep. 3

5:30 am

Ser.1, Ep. 4


Tuesday, July 25, 2006


This months Maxim (September Edition) has a four page interview and photo shoot with Shirley Ghostman and a bloke called Marc Wootton. It also contains dancing girls, for those who like dancing girls. There is a boob or two as well. Pairs of Boobs.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Fan Feedback


Marc Wootton is a genius, plain and simple. High Spirits has got to be one of the best executed dark comedies I've seen since "Strangers with Candy" with Amy Sedaris. In a time when British comedy has become so ridiculously "wacky" and Americanized, we get a helping of High Spirits just in time. This is right up there with A League of Gentlemen, The Office and Little Britain. Thankfully, it made it to BBC America where we had a chance to enjoy this brilliant show this past spring. My favorite episode is where he had to banish Sheba and had difficulty doing proper readings for the audience and got increasingly upset with the audience for laughing at him. Brilliant stuff. And the channeling of Adam, "Hello, I'm Adam from Adam and Eve". And the Wendy Grossman interview really topped it off for me. She was exactly the right person for Shirley to antagonize. "You do look a bit wacked out".Since watching High Spirits I've bought the DVD and finally got to see My New Best Friend. I've watched the entire series several times already. It's absolutely brilliant. My favorite episode is Michael Jacobs and his "new best friend" Wicky. One of the best bits is when Michael is trying to sleep and Wicky is telling him this ridiculous story and Michael has to keep making choices about where the story will go next. I'm surprised he didn't finally punch Wicky.Also, just bought Cyderdelic and can't wait to watch the series. Can't wait to see what Marc has coming up next for us. I really hope he takes off here in America as his comedy needs to be seen by everyone. Simply brilliant.


Mo Abersheid.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

INTERVIEW - June 2006

60 SECONDS: Marc Wootton by Andrew Williams - Metro -Thursday, June 29, 2006.

Comedian Marc Wootton is better known as spoof psychic Shirley Ghostman. Shirley's bogus readings proved a hit on BBC3 and are now available on DVD along with a disc of My New Best Friend, Wootton's hidden-camera show in which contestants had to do exactly what Wootton's horrific comic alter egos told them for 48 hours to win a £10,000 prize.

What inspired you to create Shirley Ghostman?

A close friend lost someone dear and I went to see a psychic with them. Shirley came as a result of me witnessing what was going on. When you’re not the focus of the psychic’s attention, it’s very easy to see the truth of what they’re up to and it really got my back up. I became quite angry and couldn’t believe these charlatans go round ripping people off. I went to see a couple of the more famous psychics do their live performances. You have to admire their showmanship but it’s not fair to prey on people.

Some people have a hard time working out Shirley’s gender.
Why did you call him Shirley?

Any boy called Shirley must have been picked on at school and we wanted to give the character an unfortunate backstory because a lot of the celebrity psychics have had pretty depressing upbringings. That’s why they reinvent themselves as someone special who can see dead people. I find that so arrogant. Tess Daly told me about a psychic she saw, so I went along to see them, just to try to find out if they were for real. When I got home and made a transcript of the reading, I realised I had given them all the answers.

To read the interview in full, click HERE

Further METRO interviews with Marc click HERE

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shirley V's Sceptics - "I Just Know Things..."

I've linked to these articles on the blog as the author Wendy Grossman, and Nick Pullar and Chris French all feature in the newly released HIGH SPIRITS WITH SHIRLEY GHOSTMAN DVD (3 July 2006).

"...Ooh...telegram for little Miss-Know-It-All on the Front desk"

Sceptics 48, Marc Wootton 0, net.wars
By Wendy Grossman Friday 17 December 2004.

ON TUESDAY afternoon, four sceptics went along, one at a time, to a lab at University College London, where we were each filmed talking to and testing an extremely bizarre psychic. On Tuesday evening, I blogged the details at vast length.
On Thursday afternoon, I phoned the production assistant we had been dealing with and said, "So. This filming we participated in on Tuesday. Was it for the Marc Wootton Project?"
"How did you figure it out? You didn't use psychic means?"
I feel we lived up to our billing as good sceptics.
The four sceptics were: me, in my other life role as founder and former editor of the UK magazine The Skeptic; Chris French, an increasingly distinguished professor and head of the head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths College; Nick Pullar, who runs the popular and successful Skeptics in the pub series; and Paul Taylor. The ivory-suited psychic we met was the most hostile psychic I've ever met, and suggested the most unsavoury hidden secrets. I, as well as Nick and Paul, did a test, in which he had to reproduce exactly five facts about ourselves that we had written down, and reproduce a drawing we'd made. These were supposed to be preliminary tests, with a view to doing something more comprehensive early next year.
Our psychic's guesses were wildly off-base, a problem he tried to cover by coming up with even wilder interpretations to link what we'd written to what he'd written. I'd written: "I have two old tennis balls in my dryer." After confusing dryer with drawer – even psychics have trouble with my handwriting – he explained that the connection to what he'd written, "JESUS", was that there was also a picture of Jesus inside my dryer.
"How do you know," a recent house guest said, "that I didn't draw a picture of Jesus on one of those tennis balls, hmm?"

to read the article in full see: HERE

Also click HERE to read Nick Pullar's article Shirley Ghostman and Me.

Link to YouTube Video Clips

For clips of Shirley Ghostman, Cyderdelic, My New Best Friend, La La Land on YouTube visit:

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I am Shanga, the little monkey man what's at the top and this is the first post on the Fooling nobody blog spot. Exciting eh? During the coming months watch this space for information on Marc Wootton. This is the place you will find out about his new programmes, live shows and forthcoming apperances in other peoples bits and bobs. There is a live show planned for the end of August at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith. More details to follow...